Warlord Charge With Musketeers For Pike & Shotte Under Cannon Fire

April 17, 2015 by brennon

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Warlord Games have added some new sets to the Pike & Shotte range including a new Command Group, Musketeer Storming Party and even a full on Ordnance Battery for covering your soldiers as they charge into battle...

Commanding The Musketeers

Leading the charge and making sure your soldiers do what they're told are the Command Group and Musketeer Storming Party for the game...

Pike & Shotte Command Group

This provides you a nice set of miniatures allowing you to lead a bunch of different units into battle. You could even pop them into a range of different units and spread them out a bit so you mix these with another set of Command figures for a bit more customisation.

Storming Party Musketeers

These models above however are much cooler. Since I've been watching The Musketeers on the BBC the idea of some kind of cool skirmish game with these master swordsmen and guards of the King has been a lingering idea. I think this set is great and while it's unfortunate that there are some dupes in this set hopefully a few different coats of paint could make it look less obvious.


As well as the infantry there is a set of Cannons for you to bring down castle walls. The Ordnance Battery comes with three artillery pieces and a rather nice resin scenic base and crew.

Ordnance Battery

Ordnance Battery (Model)

Another great set of miniatures that allows you to not only bring an array of cool cannons to the battlefield for gaming but also make some neat scenes for the tabletop too. I love that you can actually bring the tabletop to life and put YOUR stamp on the battlefield when you get sets like this.

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"The Ordnance Battery comes with three artillery pieces and a rather nice resin scenic base and crew..."

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