Grab Your Promo Cards From Hordes High Command Release!

September 13, 2013 by brennon

The Hordes High Command set is just around the corner and with that comes its release day where you can also get your hands on the promo cards for just participating thanks to Privateer Press!

Hordes High Command

Hordes High Command Promo

I sadly missed out on the Warmachine High Command release day but it looks like this one should be just as good. I am also being drawn into the world of Hordes very slowly so I think this might end up tipping me over the edge! I would imagine by local gaming store will be doing this event so I will have to pop down.

The Big Guns Expansion Set

As well as that Privateer Press have announced the first of their releases for the High Command game, a new expansion pack called The Big Guns.

This expansion gives you twenty one new cards for each of the factions that were present in the original box that contain a mix of Warcasters, tactics and of course big scary Warjacks.

Essentially what we're seeing is the Living Card Game system that we are familiar with from Fantasy Flight Games, and I think this is a great model for Privateer Press to adopt.

Will you be playing more High Command?

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