Bloated Beasts & Mighty Heroes Coming To Warmachine

March 8, 2016 by brennon

Privateer Press have shown off a massive load of releases that are going to be coming out over the next few months for Warmachine. They have really gone to town with the types of releases on the way and they range for bloated strange beasts to heroes of renown...

Bloat Thrall Overseer Mobius

First up we have this strange creation made by the hands of Cryx. While I'd love to say that I liked this I just don't think that I can. It looks far too...well, odd! I don't mind the bloated creature underneath but Mobius just looks silly to me.

Bloat Thrall Overseer Mobius

"Overseer Mobius became greater than the sum of its dead parts when it was clear to its Cryxian masters that this undead oddity could successfully lead bloat thralls against the enemy without prematurely detonating the thralls or accidentally destroying itself in the process.

Engineered in secret, Mobius wields its own gun from the back of one of the bloat thralls in its command, as its deformity prevents it from moving independently."

Forge Master Syntherion

Second up we have Forge Master Syntherion who looks like he has stepped out of a Sci-Fi epic from the 70s or 80s. I really like he look of the Convergence as a force and they heavy reliance on lots of Warjacks and constructs means that they fit into the 'feel' of Warmachine that I prefer.

Forge Master Syntherion

"Constantly processing and as remote as the disembodied members of the Constellation, Sytherion's mind is occupied with complex equations, energy schematics and the application of engineering principles. Sytherion brings the same single-minded efficiency to war as to his workshop. There is no room for emotions, no pity or mercy.

In every engagement Sytherion seeks to quickly eliminate whatever opposes him. Those clockwork soldiers who accompany him in battle know only too well that the forge master gives no allowance for error, discarding any who fail him, for in his calculations there is no possibility of redemption."

Pyrrhus, Flameguard Hero

Fighting for the Protectorate of Menoth we have this Temple Flameguard Character Solo in the form of Pyrrhus. He is shown charging forward with his cloak flowing out behind him, spear in hand and shield ready to defend himself.

Pyrrhus Flameguard Hero

"Pyrrhus is more than the epitome of a Flameguard; he represents a pinnacle of Menite devotion and service. With movements honed through years of training, he charges forward to decimate opponents, taking everything while giving nothing in return.

His mastery of his weapons extends well beyond that of any of his peers, and his faith in the Creator gives him extraordinary confidence in himself as a conduit for the wrath of Menoth."

I think this is a really dynamic model and really fits into the Menoth style. Painting Menoth has always been a bit of a challenge for me considering the amount of white/cream involved but I could see a proper painter doing a great job on this one.

Wraith Witch Deneghra

Last but not least we have the very impressive looking Wraith Witch Deneghra who looks utterly epic in this model below. She is fast becoming one of the best characters in the Warmahordes world and I think they've hit the nail on the head with this sculpt.

Wraith Witch Deneghra

"Undeath has amplified Deneghra’s twisted manners of treachery and deceit, her cruelty, and her lust. She can only feel a tempestuous rage and act against those in her path, wantonly seeking victims to crush and kill at the behest of her master. However, it does nothing to ease her worries or fill the void left by her vacant soul."

While this is a bit of a tweak of the model kit rather than a new one entirely I think it's worth pointing to this as a hero to add to your collection even if you don't follow the ways of Cryx.

What do you think of their offerings for around May?

Let us know below...

"Second up we have Forge Master Syntherion who looks like he has stepped out of a Sci-Fi epic from the 70s or 80s..."

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