Warmachine Kossite Woodsmen Get Ready For War

December 18, 2014 by brennon

Privateer Press have another repackaging of units to give you a complete set with the Kossite Woodsmen for Warmachine and the Khador faction. See what you think of these burly northerners...

Kossite Woodsmen

A neat set of miniatures and I've always liked the look of the Kossite Woodsmen even if I've not been overly fond of the fact they love re-using miniatures. Despite how they pose them in these photos there are a lot of dupes in there.

Either way I think the sculpting on these is great and they're packed with character. I particularly like the chap with his hand pulled back behind his head after just firing an arrow, I think he's very cool. The woman with her big axe and awesome cloak is also ace.

Will you be picking up more Kossites?

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