Check Out Two Mounted Masterpieces For Warmachine

February 26, 2014 by brennon

Privateer Press keep up the previews of what's just around the corner with a look at Lord General Coleman Stryker and Goreshade Lord of Ruin which will be available to buy soon enough!

Lord General Coleman Stryker

"Promoted to the rank of Lord General, Coleman Stryker leads his Storm Division with unquestioned authority. Stryker commands his soldiers from the front lines, spurring his mount Valorous onward as he charges Cygnar’s enemies alongside his loyal Storm Lances. At the pivotal moment, Stryker is able to harness the galvanic potential of those charging with him into a thunderous tempest of destruction."

Goreshade, Lord of Ruin

"Unquestionably the most influential Iosan ever to have lived, the eldritch and would-be god slayer Goreshade, Lord of Ruin seeks nothing less than the salvation, restoration, and liberation of his people from the gods themselves. After turning the machinations of the Nightmare Empire to his own ends, Goreshade has come closer than ever to achieving his mission. But what Goreshade sees as the path to salvation, Iosans see as a path to damnation."

These are two very cool looking miniatures but as I said when we first saw Stryker, how on earth is he going to stay together properly without either luck and wishes or a lot of pinning? Goreshade at least seems a lot more grounded so he should be fine but Stryker looks like he could fall apart at any moment.

If you can get them to stay together though you have two very cool centrepiece miniatures for your growing Warmachine faction of choice.

Will you be picking them up?

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