The Convergence Begin The Repairs & Stand Firm!

August 8, 2013 by brennon

Once again it seems like a week filled with Warmachine and Hordes and the Convergence have been gifted some extra units in the shape of the Accretion Servitors and the Reciprocators from Privateer. Will they be making a mark in your clockwork force?

Accretion Servitors

"Accretion servitors are indispensable on the battlefield due to their versatile suite of semi-autonomous repair procedures. They carry a small array of mechanikal tools that enable them to provide temporary fixes to clockwork vessels and vectors in the heat of battle. These quick repairs can mean the difference between victory and defeat."


"Ready to repel any threats to the Great Work, reciprocators stand firm, shields interlocking with engineered perfection as they brace to absorb enemy assaults. After blunting a charge against their heavy shields and spears, the reciprocators spring into an immediate counterassault, converting their protean polearms from defensive spears to wicked halberds."

These models are looking great once again. The basic Servitors might not look like much but they would be pretty useful on the battlefield. The Reciprocators on the other hand are as if they were ripped from the second Hellboy movie.

I love that they can convert their weapons from spears to halberds too. It's very cinematic when you think about them on the battlefield.

Are the Convergence your faction of choice?

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