Cracking New Warmachine & Hordes Releases from Privateer Press

October 19, 2011 by beerogre

Today, Privateer Press have launched a trio of eagerly anticipated models, including something of a surprise for long term fans!

First we have Nicia, Tear of Vengeance:

The widow of a proud Menite soldier, Nicia hopes only that by the time she meets her own inevitable, bloody death she will have killed enough unbelievers to join her husband at Menoth’s side. This peerless Daughter of the Flame strides through battle with lethal grace and speed, each movement gauged to bring her within striking distance. Even as she cuts through one foe, she fells another with cannon fire, wheeling her blade around for another kill. Few enemies have witnessed Nicia's murderous devotions and lived.

I'm excited about the mercenary warjack kit... hopefully we'll now see more Mercenary players around here and not just me! However, it's great to see another of the IK RPG miniatures making it's debut in the main skirmish game. There's a number of models in that range that are used for proxies, so many people already have them, making it a nice bonus for from PP for long term fans.

... Rover... which is actually part of the brand new PLASTIC MERCENARY WARJACK KIT!!! I'm so happy... the kit make a Mule, Mangler or Rover... and while I have two Manglers and a Mule, I need a Rover, although I have been proxying a repainted Defender for a while.

Here's what PP have to say about it:

Mercenary warjacks are often drawn from discontinued chassis once produced by kingdom armies. The Mule, a former Cygnaran warjack, wields a massive battle mace and an innovative steam-powered cannon packing enough explosive punch to scatter enemies like leaves. The Nomad, once a Cygnaran mainstay, has been battering enemy ’jacks with its battle blade for 150 years. The Rover was built specifically for mercenary use, and its battleaxe and shield-mounted cannon have turned the tide of many a battle. Mercenaries maintain these battle-tested machines and find them fully capable of standing toe-to-toe against any fresh from the assembly line.

Finally there's a release for Hordes... a light warbeast called the Bone Swarm... this is actually one of the old Iron Kingdoms RPG miniatures, with a new stat card for the skirmish game.

Here's the story behind the model:

The boneswarm is an undulating mass of osseous debris given horrid life and animation by lingering necromantic energies in places where many have died. Gatorman bokors have learned to control these horrors, directing them to envelop foes in a mass of biting, toothy skulls. The bones of its slain victims are incorporated into the boneswarm itself, allowing it to heal damage and grow stronger and more resilient.

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