Creepy Alchemists & Armoured Troops Join Warmachine’s Crucible Guard

November 30, 2018 by brennon

The Crucible Guard are getting themselves a whole bunch of reinforcements this week for the world of Warmachine by Privateer Press. We start with some creepy looking alchemists and scientists starting with Aurum Adeptus Syvesto.

Aurum Adeptus Syvestro - Warmachine

"Syvestro represents the ideal blend of alchemist and soldier. His demeanour is serious, and he does not succumb to fanciful obsessions over every new alchemical discovery, preferring to keep his work pragmatic and focused on advances in military alchemy.

Whenever possible, he hones his battlefield capabilities, pushing himself to improve his martial skill through practice bouts with other soldiers, physical trials, and simulated combat between actual engagements. While others rest, he tests his mind by studying and refining formulae long into the night by the light of an alchemical lantern."

You could imagine him going over the top with those wild potions and other concoctions. I wouldn't want to stand next to him, let alone be opposing him as phials of liquid go flying. He looks every bit the crackpot fellow.


Things get a little creepier with the addition of Aurum Ominus Alyce Marc & Big Alyce.

Aurum Ominus Alyce Marc & Big Alyce - Warmachine

"Alyce Marc personifies the volatile and sometimes unpredictable nature of alchemy in a way few others ever have. In a moment of pure desperation, she consumed an unstable experimental serum, which gave her the ability to transform into a powerful monster.

Alyce’s body can become that of a hulking, muscular beast with a thick hide able to slow bullets and turn blades. This new form allows Alyce to tear through enemy attackers before succumbing to exhaustion and returning to her original body’s shape. She is still learning how best to govern this unusual ability but stands ready to unleash her inner strength against the Order’s enemies in the days ahead."

Twisted and warped as Big Alyce is means we're getting a big Jekyll & Hyde vibe from this interesting transformative pairing. You could imagine her trying her best not to turn into her bestial form but when things get dangerous she turns to this creature more and more often.

Armoured Assault

Moving away from characters we've also got a new unit added into the mix, the Crucible Guard Assault Troopers.

Crucible Guard Assault Troopers - Warmachine

"Assault troopers are the Crucible Guard’s dedicated melee infantry. Relying on their armour to allow them to reach enemy positions, these soldiers carry only oversized thermal hammers as weapons. If not for the protection of specialized armour, the thermal hammer would inflict painful burns on its wielder.

The heat ripples the air and flash-ignites any combustible materials within several feet, including anything struck by the weapon’s heavy striking surface."

Anyone carrying around a thermal hammer has to be someone you don't want to mess with. I really like their armour designs, very reminiscent of diving suits from the days of yore. They look like they'd be nice and easy to paint and the details could be picked out very easily to add another level of depth to them.


We saw a character in one of these a while back and how another Railess Interceptor has been added into the mix for general use amongst the Crucible Guard.

Railless Interceptor - Warmachine

"The Railless Interceptor is an advanced new type of military hardware, representing an evolution of armoured transportation. Weighing in excess of 150 tons, the Railless is a rolling fortress of weapons and armour plating.

It is crewed by a dedicated team of warriors who must serve as a hybrid of a traditional crew, artillerists, and field mechaniks in order to keep their vehicle at peak operation during the course of a battle."

I mean, I like trains and all, but I think that trains should probably stick to the tracks. If you're going to be working on some massive battle engine I would have thought they'd take the move to include tracks on this particular vehicle.

I really like the design for the rest of the Crucible Guard but this just hasn't won me over.

What do you make of these new releases?

"Twisted and warped as Big Alyce is means we're getting a big Jekyll & Hyde vibe from this interesting transformative pairing..."

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