New Cygnar Characters & Mercenaries Hit The Tabletop For Warmachine

February 6, 2017 by brennon

Privateer Press are looking to bulk up both your Cygnar and Mercenary forces in Warmachine with some new releases coming over the next two months. Leading the way we're going to take a look at some of the big names for Cygnar starting with a version of Captain Allison Jakes.

Allison Jakes

"Captain Allison Jakes earned her promotion to full-fledged warcaster through circumstances far beyond the scope of any ordinary trial, and she now carries herself with the confidence of one who has seen the ravages of war. With each new battle her reputation grows, and despite her youth she commands the respect of any fortunate enough to serve under her command."

As the character from Warmachine Tactics she is shaping up nicely for the tabletop. I love the idea of her two blades, which have almost a Sci-Fi edge to them. Got to love the red hair too!

Supporting her on the tabletop you might have Brickhouse, this Heavy Warjack for Cygnar.


"With its advanced armament and heavily armored hull, Major Beth Maddox’s personal warjack Brickhouse is a veritable wall of steel. While capable of enduring sustained assaults and holding vital battlefield positions, the warjack is just as eager to wade into enemy ranks to crush opposing warjacks with blows from its devastating power maul. No matter the situation, this bulwark of Cygnaran engineering is a welcome sight to its allies."

While the Warjack might fight alongside Beth I'm sure you could find a way to include him as part of a larger force. I do like the big power maul although Brickhouse is carrying it in a very odd way.

Both of these models are going to be available on March 8th.

Gunslingers & Mechanics

Coming this month we have some new characters for you to add to your Mercenary roster. First up we have the Thorn Gun Mages.

Thorn Gun Mages

"Clothed in black to honor and mourn the last king of Llael, Thorn Gun Mages are among the deadliest and most zealous soldiers of the Llaelese Resistance. Each of these veteran gun mages is a lethal arcane combatant skilled in the use of Llaelese double-barreled magelocks. Their virtuosity with their weapons is matched only by their solidarity as they fight in an increasingly desperate cause."

These models will be out on February 8th and feature some rather epic looking soldiers ready to do some gunslinging. I really like the fellow with the purple scarf and the lady with the red hair! Flowing cloaks also get a thumbs up from me, they really add to the dynamism of the model.

Last but not least one of the event exclusive models, Colbie Sterling, is coming later in February.

Colbie Sterling

"A skilled ’jack marshal and mechanik and a versatile fighter, Colbie Sterling is the captain of a small mercenary company known as the Black River Irregulars—a group with a reputation for getting things done even when it means putting themselves at risk. Sterling seeks the most lucrative contracts, with the goal of amassing enough wealth to transform the BRI into a truly formidable mercenary force."

Some folks picked her up at Lock N' Load last year and now everyone will have the chance to add her into the collection. I like that her pistol is effectively a small cannon!

What will you be picking up from this collection?

"I love the idea of her two blades, which have almost a Sci-Fi edge to them. Got to love the red hair too!"

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