For Cygnar and King Leto!

January 31, 2011 by beerogre

The first unit I ever bought when I started my Cygnar army, was a unit of Arcane Tempest Gunmages.

I was more than happy with them. They were easy to paint and only took about 2 hours to complete the unit using my speed-painting technique.

But now word has reaches us that Privteer Press has decided to resculpt the Gunmages... and here they are...

Now I love Privateer Press, but I really think there are other units that desparately need a makeover, before the Gunmages.

For example, the Khador Winterguard Infantry could seriously do with a new look and they are popular enough to warrent an urgent bit of attention. That's not to say the Gunmages aren't popular... far from it... but the previous sculpt was pretty good, if a bit plain in comparison to the more modern PP fare.

But regardless, it's good to know that the old models are getting a bit of spit and polish, but hopefully this won't hold up the new releases we all crave from PP.

However, the big news is still the release of the battle engines... we've received a 3D mock-up of the new Cygnar Storm Strider.

As you can see it's in grey, whether this suggests a resin/platic model or not is open for debate. However, I think the smart money has to be on a (mostly) resin model, simply due to the size and weight of the model.

But what do you guys think? Do you want the full metal treatment or would you be happy with the resin sculpt?

BoW Andy

-- Edit --

-- Privateer Press - Official News --

My offical sources at Privateer Press have confirmed that the Battle Engines will be resin/plastic. So what do you think now guys?

In hindsight it seems pretty obvious that models that size would have to be resin/platic or a hybrid plastic/metal kit. But does this change your mind about them?

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