Gorge & Gunsling With Latest Characters For Warmachine

February 11, 2019 by brennon

Privateer Press is keeping the releases coming for Warmachine with a few new characters and a new unit dropping over the past few weeks. The first of these is the Bane Knight Officer for Cryx.

Bane Knight Officer - Warmachine

"Lost for an eternity in the shapeless void between Caen and Urcaen, all banes have their sanity shredded to madness, yet some few retain scraps of their minds. Great warlords or ancient military officers with strong will might retain the instincts that made them effective leaders in battle. They carry that forward into their unholy existence. Under the direction of these greater knights of shadow, banes demonstrate sophisticated tactics, moving in disciplined formations and proving considerably more formidable than is regularly the case."

Whilst I don't play Warmachine or Hordes I do like the look of this fellow as an undead creature to throw into the mix for other games. I might replace the halberd with a different weapon like a sword but this chap would be an amazing Wraith or Death Knight to throw against your foes.

Next up on the character side of things we have this fellow, Scrutator Potentate Severius.

Scrutator Potentate Severius - Warmachine

"Severius loyally served multiple hierarchs in his time as a scrutator and was a significant voice in the caste even before being elevated to leadership over all of the Protectorate’s military forces. As a scrutator potentate, Severius saw fit to support Voyle in his bid for power, accelerating that great ruler’s rise to hierarch. When he wasn’t striding fearlessly into foreign lands as a missionary to convert unbelievers to the faith, Potentate Severius was a formidable presence in battle. He manifested holy power, inspiring zealots and warriors, and from the start, he showed his facility at wielding the warjacks of the Protectorate against the theocracy’s enemies."

You could imagine him being one of these fellows who tries to impose his rule upon others on the battlefield and doesn't like getting his own hands dirty. He seems like the perfect enemy who finally gets his comeuppance at the climax of the movie.

We also have this gunslinger for those who are playing Cygnar.

Journeyman Lieutenant Allister Caine - Warmachine

As another Journeyman thrown into the mix this chap, Lieutenant Allister Caine will be getting stuck into the action and unleashing a salvo of shots into his foes no doubt.

"Allister Caine was never an ordinary journeyman, for he had already earned both infamy and fame as a gunmage. As deadly with his pistols as he was stubborn and difficult to train, young Allister Caine chafed under instruction both as a youthful prodigy of the Arcane Tempest and while learning what was required of a Cygnaran warcaster at the Strategic Academy. He was never respectful to the warcasters he was assigned to follow, prone to sneaking off to follow his own instincts. Yet when the battle began, he quickly proved his worth, wielding a magelock in each hand."

Last but not least we have the Bloodgorgers unit for Cryx which takes those lovable crazies known as Trollbloods and turns them feral.

Bloodgorgers - Warmachine

"The murderous Bloodgorger trollkin hail from the blighted kriels of the Scharde Islands. Corrupted and black-hearted, they find no greater joy in life than charging into battle to maim their enemies before devouring them alive. Toruk’s blight has blessed these trollkin with pronounced spurs and curving horns, enhancing their already-formidable ability to commit an atrocity."

I do like Trollbloods and I like what Cryx have done, warping them and turning them into something more brutal than they already are. I like that they are a little thinner than normal too, turned into wirey creatures rather than massive beefcakes.

What do you think of the latest set of releases for Warmachine?

"What do you think of the latest set of releases for Warmachine?"

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