Grab New Solos For Warmachine From Privateer Press

March 8, 2013 by brennon

Privateer Press are keeping the gears turning of Warmachine and have announced two upcoming releases. Check out the Stormblade Infantry Captain and Iron Fang Kovnik below...

Iron Fang Kovnik

Stormblade Infantry Captain

This pair are cast in white metal and are some fairly chunky warriors. They appear to almost be in the same stance but I would have to say I prefer the Stormblade Infantry Captain.

Convergence Sneak Peek

Privateer Press also shared this little sneak peek of the Convergence on Twitter! Now that is a nice looking pair of wings, and that's something I don't say often!

Will you be picking up the solos, or saving your money for the Convergence?

Drop a comment below!

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