The Howlers Bring Terror To Privateer’s Warmachine

January 3, 2020 by brennon

Privateer Press has released some more reinforcements for those playing as the Infernal in their games of Warmachine. See what you make of these monstrous Howlers who have stalked out of the shadows.

Howlers Infernal Unit - Privateer Press

Here are more details on these monstrous demon foes that have found their way into the realm of Immoren...

"Howlers are heavy and brutish creatures from the Outer Abyss, each having become corporeal in an extremely durable form, boasting thick hides that readily turn aside blades and bullets. These beings ooze shadow and warp reality around them as they charge with ruthless abandon into the fray, entering a berserk frenzy. Though considered infernals, howlers are not as intelligent as the greater masters that enslave them, and they have no fear of destruction."

I think these are some very cool looking miniatures indeed and they continue a spate of good releases for the Infernal and Warmachine as a whole. I think they've got a lot of the Warmachine aesthetic to their design still, recognisably from that world, but with something extra mixed in too.

Even if you didn't end up using these models for Warmachine I could see these being good Sci-Fi/Fantasy villains for you to face off against on the tabletop. Maybe they could even be the minions that a comic book villain has summoned from the void?

What do you make of the Howlers?

"...they continue a spate of good releases for the Infernal and Warmachine as a whole"

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