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December 22, 2010 by beerogre

It's no secret that I'm a massive fan of everything Mercenary, when it comes to Warmachine. If I'm not running my Magnus the Traitor tier 1 list (with a 10 man Trencher squad in a 15pt. game!) then I'm marching Gorten Grundback and his "utility grey" Rhulic Dwarves across the field to hammer and drill the fizzog of some "big folks".

However, for me, the joy of the Dwarven forces isn't just the imagery of carbines and shields, its the dichotomy of the heavily armoured Dwarves accompanied by their massive allies... the Ogrun.

Now don't go confusing the Ogrun with any sort of daft "fantasy ogre", these guys are smart and tooled up to the eyeballs, whether it be with a state-of-the-art barrage arquebus or set of heavy armour and a massive tower shield that can help protect nearby allies... or at least that's all the choices their used to be... for so it was, that I happened to glance at the Privateer Press site last night, to be greeted by these guys... the Ogrun Assault Corps

These guys come equipped with massive battle cannons (I'm guessing AoE:3" POW:12-14 guns with Arcing Fire) and savage axes (I'll go for P+S:12-13, but as they are "assault corps", I really want them to have Assault!) that put them firmly in the "mixed arms" unit category. Being Ogrun, they will doubtless come with 8 damage boxes, but I would suspect their ARM value isn't going to be as high as their solo counterpart, the Ogrun Bokur (see picture), I would also guess their DEF score is going to be average (DEF:12) too. So they'll be a great unit to hide behind, but that'll make them a much tastier target than they already are.

But what am I saying... this isn't a breakdown of their potential... this is an outpouring of joy!

Rhul are getting a unit of Ogrun... HURRAH!!!

BoW Andy

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