Khador Battle Mechanik Officer!

December 6, 2011 by beerogre

If you're a fan of the Man-O-War from Khador, then take a look at the new Battle Mechanik Officer from Privateer Press!

If you watched my review of the Khador faction from the Warmachine: Wrath book, then you'll know all about him.

If not... here's what Privateer have to say about him:

Battle mechanik officers are hardened combat veterans who specialize in the maintenance and battle repairs of the vaunted Man-O-War armor. Trained in the use of steam-powered armor, they rely on its protection to wade deep into the thick of battle to repair warjacks and Man-O-War alike. The mechaniks’ presence ensures no soldier’s armor becomes disabled, keeping Khador’s signature heavy infantry in the fight.

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