Khador’s Iron Wolf

April 13, 2011 by beerogre

Here's what my brother and his Khador playing crew have been waiting for... news on the new Khador Warcaster who'll be making his debut in Wrath... Kommander Harkevich, the Iron Wolf!

Here's what the writers at Privateer Press have to say about this guy...

Khador’s Iron Wolf has earned a reputation as a peerless master of heavy armor on the battlefield, a war hero beloved by his men and respected even by the enemies of the Motherland. He is famous for his ability to move large numbers of warjacks at an unprecedented pace to arrive where the enemy least expects him. Where Harkevich and his iron army stride, the enemy finds itself hounded, outmaneuvered, cornered, and eventually obliterated by overwhelming firepower.

So, from the fluff, he can move lots of warjacks... so we could be talking spells like Locomotion or even Energizer... but that's a bit to Cygnar for the komrades of Khador, so I'm thinking perhaps Redline, or a CTRL area effect, watered-down version of it.

At any rate, any warcaster who specialises in making the Khador Heavy 'Jacks faster is surely going to be abusing some seriously 'jack heavy lists. Imagine super-fast Spriggans and Devastators, getting right into the middle of your ranks one turn sooner... not a pleseant prospect at all.

BoW Andy

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