Make way for Lord Scaverous!

April 18, 2011 by beerogre

Here's the first image of Wrath's Cryx Warcaster... Lord Scaverous!

Let's see what Privateer Press have to say... and add a bit of wild speculation to the mix...

A specialist in the acquisition of lore from the dead, Lord Exhumator Scaverous is one of the most potent and intelligent servants of the Nightmare Empire. Souls are both ammunition and fuel for Scaverous. Those he slays and casts aside are fortunate compared to any possessed of special lore, whose skulls and souls he preserves for horrific necromantic interrogation.

OK then... we've seen Lore abilities before, Professor Pendrake has one, so Lore of the Dead might work in a somewhat similar manner against the undead (probably a bonus to hit and/or +1 die of damage).

Souls for ammunition is probably an indicator of Cull Soul, but that's nothing new for Cryx. However, the special lore portion of the text, might indicate some form of power buff when you kill a model with a magic skill, or maybe even Death Skulls like the Deathjack has... now that would be nasty!

What do you guys think... speculate... come on!

BoW Andy

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