Mages, Ghosts, Agile Warjacks & More Coming Soon To Warmachine

November 29, 2017 by brennon

As well as some new releases just around the corner for Hordes, Privateer Press also has a bunch of previews for Warmachine too. We'll start with the model that immediately caught my eye, Agrimony, Crone of the Dying Strands.

Agrimony, Crone of the Dying Strands

She is now bound to Captain Rengrave but is a terrifying spirit in her own right, able to draw on dangerous powers from the beyond to aid those in Cryx. The model also looks fantastic and I think the sculptor knocked it out of the park with this one.

The wisps and tendrils of ether coming out of the bottle and the detail of her outfit look superb.

Lithe Warjacks

Back within the world of the living (almost), we have two new Warjacks for you to snap up for Retribution Of Scyrah starting with the Siren.


House Vyre were known for their somewhat darker and twisted weapons and the Siren harks back to that time. Using weapons and powers which allow it to turn its enemies against their foes it turns friends against each other. The design of these Warjacks is superb, especially when you see the Harpy below too.


A killing machine in its own right the Harpy is able to blast away its foes with gusts of wind before following up with lighting fast strikes to eviscerate you should you be left standing. Between the two of them, it's very tempting to check out Scyrah as a potential new faction - if only I could paint white well!


Talking of powerful figures, we also have two new variants of Warcasters for you to check out. The first is an epic version of Gastonne Cross.

Gastonne Cross

The weapon that unlocked his powers as a Warlock is slowly consuming him, taking the souls of those he defeated and feeding his powers. Whilst a master of on-the-fly decisions whilst in the heat of the battle, there's certainly something darker going on behind the scenes.

It's nice to see more models like this which are pushing the narrative forward and inviting you to dive behind the scenes and find out more.

Taking a decidedly more exacting approach to their craft we also have Eminent Configurator Orion of the Convergence Of Cyriss.

Eminent Configurator Orion

Highly intelligent and able to calculate the trajectory and power of each of his powerful magical blasts, it's a wonder that many are able to stand against him. Maybe pulling a little of the look from Zenyatta in Overwatch I like the style of this character as an almost zen figure who has no remorse for those he kills.


Not all heroes wield magical powers however as you'll see from this next set of solos for Khador, the Protectorate of Menoth and Cygnar. Leading the way is Kapitan Sofia Skirova.

Kapitan Sofia Skirova

As one of the leaders of the Black Dragons, she is a formidable lady and a definitive example of why female characters don't have to be all trussed up in boob-plate armour. I like her no-nonsense look and resolute stance.

She is a loyal and fierce soldier who leaps in the way of blows directed at her fellow soldiers and refused to leave the field whilst her warriors are in peril.

Mounted atop a hefty looking charger we also have the Champion of the Order of the Wall.

Champion of the Order of the Wall

Armed with blazing lances and weapons wreathed in flames these Champions are Paladins who inspire others to charge headlong into the fighting. Armoured in heavy plate and a dose of burning faith they are a deadly foe to face on the tabletop.

Last but not least we also have Lieutenant Bastian Falk of Cygnar.

Lieutenant Bastian Falk

A veteran of many battles, Bastian Falk is a master Gun Mage who has been able to harness his power through his scatter gun allowing him to create a devastating barrage of fire that can syche through enemy ranks.

Phew, that's a lot of Warmahordes today I think you'll agree but there are plenty of awesome models to keep an eye out for.

Will you be taking a look at more of these models?

"The wisps and tendrils of ether coming out of the bottle and the detail of her outfit look superb..."

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