Man-O-War Bombardiers Coming Soon!

September 2, 2011 by beerogre

Here's the latest pictures of the Man-O-War Bombardiers for the Khador faction of Warmachine.

The stats for these guys have been out for a while. They have a better ranged attack than the Shocktroopers, but they're not quite as high damage as the Demo Corp... but they occupy a sort of middle ground and should not be dismissed in favour of the already well respected and established Man-O-War units.

Here's what PP has to say:

Each Man-O-War bombardier is a self-contained mobile artillery unit able to devastate an opponent with explosive fire or tear them to pieces with the massive chain blade affixed to his cannon. Girded in steam-powered armor, bombardiers shrug off incoming fire that would cripple or kill a lesser soldier while the shrill, metallic whine of their chain blades announces inexorable destruction to the enemies of Khador.

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