Man-O-War, Plastic Demo Corps!

September 28, 2011 by beerogre

Privateer Press have just announced the release of the brand new set of plastic-resin Demo Corps for the Khador faction of Warmachine.

These guys come from the "all offence" Man-O-War playbook, with massive Ice Hammers that can smash a warjack or sweep through heavy infantry with ease... here's what PP have to say:

Armed with long-hafted ice mauls that can shatter flesh, bone, and steel like glass, the Man-O-War Demolition Corps can deliver destruction to the enemy with devastating ease. Fearless in their heavy steam-powered armor, the Demolition Corps all but ignore incoming fire as they reduce enemy soldiers, warjacks, and fortifications to shards of icy shrapnel with each swing of their mighty, freezing hammers.

Stay tuned! Because I'll be taking a look at the plastic kit very soon... and maybe even have a go at building one under the camera!

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