Menoth Smite Heretics With Their New Heavy Warjacks

April 12, 2012 by dracs

Privateer Press have published some previews of the upcoming heavy warjack designs who will be joining the ranks of the faithful for the Protectorate of Menoth in Warmachine.

Privateer Press - Reckoner

"The Reckoner was heralded as the first warjack entirely of Menite design. It lights the way for the faithful with its cannon as it charges across the battlefield and then smashes anything still standing with its club."

Privateer Press - Castigator

"Based on the same design, the Castigator brings Menoth’s Fury to its enemies with its flaming fists and the ability to ignite the surrounding air with flesh-cremating heat."

Privateer Press - Sanctifier

"The Sanctifier is employed in battle to ensure the spirits of the righteous are ushered to Urcaen; as battle wears on, it becomes a vessel for Menite souls, fueling its power even as it protects the righteous."

All in all this trio of mechanical marvels will definitely be a force to reckon with on the battlefield. I particularly like the Sanctifier which seems to epitomize Menoth to me.

But its not just Warmachine players who have something to look forward to. Check out this upcoming release for the Circle of Orboros in Hordes.

Privateer Press - Winter Argus

"The savage winter argus stalk the dark, frozen hinterlands of the Scarsfell Forest and Blackroot Wood, prowling under cover of great northern storms. Gouts of gelid breath freeze the argus’ victims in place until the pack closes in for the feast."

I always say two heads are better than one. Doubly so in this case as you get twice the killing power, but only one stomach to keep fed. A great saving for any warband on the march.

What are your opinions of these latest miniatures to grace the Iron Kingdoms world?

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