Unleash The Power Of A New Archon & Retribution Miniatures

March 1, 2021 by brennon

A new selection of Warmachine miniatures are now available from the folks at Privateer Press. We start with a new option for those wanting to add a terrifying new solo into the mix with the Death Archon.

Death Archon - Warmachine

Death Archon // Warmachine

Death Archons are unlike others of their kind in that they collect corpses and are not interested in protecting their "friendly" allies. They also have animosity towards other types of Archon meaning that you can't include them alongside non-death based Archons within a force. They also love reaping the souls of their kin.

The corpses that the Death Archon consumes can be used to increase its own abilities and stop enemy forces from being quite as effective. If you're looking to carve a bloody swathe across the battlefield and hunt down enemy Archons then these might work for you.

Retribution Of Scyrah

Stepping away from the Death Archon, we also have two new releases for those playing Retribution Of Scyrah too. The first of these is Aeternae.

Aeternae - Warmachine

Aeternae // Warmachine

As one of their very alien-looking Heavy Warjacks, this is going to be another stalwart addition to your front line. Designed as heavy-hitters, the Aeternae are very good alongside Warcasters who can amplify the damage of its Shatter Cannon. If that doesn't do it then it will bring out the Distortion Voulges and cut down whatever sits before it.

If you're looking for a new Warcaster then you might have one in the form of Falcir, The Merciless.

Falcir The Merciless - Warmachine

Falcir, The Merciless // Warmachine

Falcir brings a new playstyle fo that of Retribution and Warmachine as a whole according to Privateer Press. As a melee powerhouse in her own right, she is very good at cutting down single hard targets like Colossals and Gargantuans. What allows her to do this is her unique bounty mechanic.

During the game, Falcir can place bounty tokens on enemy models and units which provide both her and her allies with a variety of different game-changing effects. This then means that playing as Falcir requires a little more planning. Who do you place tokens on? What effects do you need to trigger? A game within a game is always fun.

Are you tempted by these new releases from the folks at Privateer Press?

"Falcir brings a new playstyle fo that of Retribution and Warmachine as a whole according to Privateer Press..."

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