Snap Up New Legendary Heroes For Warmachine MKIV

March 8, 2023 by brennon

Three of the characters from the unfolding story of Warmachine MKIV are available for you to snap up separately over on the Privateer Press webstore. Leaders for Khador, Cygnar and Orgoth can be picked up and painted for your collection.

Major Anson Wolfe - Warmachine

Major Anson Wolfe // Warmachine

Leading the way for Cygnar, we have the mighty Major Anson Wolfe. This fellow has served for a long time at the formidable fortress of Eastwall. He has seen many battles against the forces of Menoth and more whilst also having to deal with the betrayal of his former commander, Archduke Alain Runewood. He now throws himself into the fighting in a bloodthirsty rage, smashing apart his foes with that crackling hammer.

He is able to push his own troops forward into the fighting and if he destroys an enemy, he can get friendly models to surge forward and attack. A solid combination if you can pull it off with a significant ally.

The next miniature is for the forces of Orgoth with Horruskh, The Thousand Wraths.

Horruskh The Thousand Wraths - Warmachine

Horruskh, The Thousand Wraths // Warmachine

One of, if not, the most formidable warriors in the Orgoth horde, this fellow has slaughtered his way across the realm and is now ready to shatter the forces of Immoren. He is unrelenting and makes sure that his own warriors fight similarly, making sure that they can reroll attack and damage rolls to get the most out of them. He is also able to cast a spell once destroying an enemy model in melee meaning that he can unleash his terrible wrath(s) against everyone nearby.

The last character model is for the forces of Khador. Say hello to Kapitan Ekaterina Baranova.

Kapitan Ekaterina Baranova - Warmachine

Kapitan Ekaterina Baranova // Warmachine

A powerful Arkanist, she is hungry to put her talents to the test against the ravening hordes of Orgoth that are rampaging through her homeland. She is incredibly proficient in the arcane arts but that doesn't mean that she is a slouch when it comes to getting up close and personal. She is very handy when trying to control the battlefield and uses the destruction of models via arcane means to fuel her own abilities.

All three of these miniatures are available to pick up individually from Privateer Press right now if you're looking to potentially add them to an existing force for Khador, Cygnar or Orgoth.

Will you be picking one of these up and if so, which faction will you be fighting for?

"Leaders for Khador, Cygnar and Orgoth can be picked up and painted for your collection..."

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