New Tharn Warriors Gather To Support Hordes’ Circle Orboros

December 13, 2018 by brennon

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The Tharn are leading the way for Hordes releases this time around from Privateer Press. This selection is going to be released just before Christmas so watch out on the 21st December for these characters to hit the tabletop.

Brighid & Caul - Hordes

First off we have the duo of Brighid & Caul.

"The Tharn twins Bríghid and Caul have built their reputation upon a pile of corpses beyond counting. Born to the first generation of Tharn after the Curse of the Ten Ills was lifted and saved their race from extinction, these twins have come to embody a new hope. A skilled hunter, Bríghid has mastered the use of the heavy Tharn bow; when hunting larger game, she uses the bow to cripple and maim an enemy before allowing her brutish brother Caul to finish the prey with his heavy axe. They balance the skills of a hunter with the brutality and savagery of the greatest predatory beasts."

The Tharn of Hordes are one of the cool subfactions within Circle Orboros and I always like when you can work on themed forces. So, when you end up getting characters like this it works towards creating a fascinating force which is fully supported by a range of different heroes and such.

The range of releases for the Tharn continues with Iona The Unseen too.

Iona the Unseen - Hordes

"Though the Tharn possess their share of shamans, true warlocks are rare and revered, each a formidable leader, capable of unsurpassed feats on the battlefield. Iona the Unseen is among the rare few, a huntress whose fierce gaze can force obedience from both warbeast and subordinate Tharn alike. A fearless hunter, Iona draws on the predatory aspect of the Devourer Wurm, granting her forces speed and stealth as they surround her enemies like a pack of dusk wolves. She employs clever feints and decoys and relishes the sight of her enemies’ confusion as her pack slowly encircles them."

It's cool to see a new Warlock entering the fold and one that is themed, once again, to the idea of running a Tharn-only force on the tabletop. I love the running stance, focusing in on how much of a combat-centric Warlock she is, leaping into the fray.

Lastly, for the Tharn we also have the Bloodweaver Haruspex that we've seen in some concept art in the past.

Tharn Bloodweaver Haruspex - Hordes

"The bloodweaver haruspex is able to divine the strands of future and fate from the blood and viscera of her slain foes, bringing the power of divination to the bloodweavers who accompany her in battle. Her bloody fortune-telling guides their strikes with unerring accuracy and imbues them with lethal potency. Through her sacrificial rites, she empowers her sacral blade to act as a conduit for the very energies of life and death."

Again, another neat sculpt from Privateer Press, telling the story of the miniature. You can imagine her carving divination sigils into the skies and weaving her powerful rites into reality. I think a touch of blood might be a good shout for her actually, adding to her grisly background perhaps?

Convergence Focus

As well as these releases for the Tharn we also have one for the Convergence too. Here is the Frustrum Locus which you might find as a helpful aid to your fellow Convergence creations.

Frustrum Locus - Warmachine

"The Frustrum Locus was engineered by an advanced technologies optifex directive specialized in innovating hardware to disrupt formulaic magic. By modulating the energies produced by its pattern disruptor array, it can deflect or shred incoming hostile mystical attacks and even invoke a feedback loop to retaliate against the offending ’caster. By reversing these harmonics, its phase singularity beam can attune key enemies to make them easier to destroy by Convergence warcasters from afar."

I've always thought that the Convergence for a rather neat idea, adding in an automaton-style force to the world of Immoren beyond what we see with the standard Warjacks of the world. It seems like animated machines have to be included in a Fantasy/Sci-Fi world at some point and the design of them is rather awesome I must say.

The sleek lines and curves of these creations are a nice point of difference from some of the harsher Warjacks and whilst this fellow seems to have learned some tricks from Zenyatta I think it's looking rather flash. If it's any good in game, I will leave it to you!

What do you think of themed forces?

"I love the running stance, focusing in on how much of a combat-centric Warlock she is, leaping into the fray..."

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