Pick Up Some Tweaked Warcasters For Privateer’s Warmachine

September 11, 2016 by brennon

If you're looking to add some new Warcasters to your collection from Privateer Press then how about some of these that have gone through a bit of a tinker and a tweak for Warmachine. We're starting with the Lys Healer for Retribution of Scyrah.

Lys Healer

"Lys healers embrace both spirituality and anatomical knowledge in equal parts. Before the Retribution drew Ios into conflict with the nations of men, Lys healers spent much of their time mending incidental injuries or driving illnesses from the bodies of their fellow elves, but war has forced them to the front lines where their ability as physicians is in high demand."

This is a neat looking model and I like the design that's gone into the cloak and other garments she's wearing. The layered armour looks awesome and it would be easy to create some interesting looks with a bit of shading through washes.

Following on from her we have Kaelyessa Night's Whisper who is a Retribution Warcaster.

Kaelyssa Night's Whisper

"Kaelyssa is the foremost strike force commander of the Retribution’s mage hunters. Her sergeants claim she can hear the heartbeats of the enemy and taste their movements on the wind. Those wizards caught in her sights are left defenseless as their own magic is negated or turned against them.

To Kaelyssa her calling is a dangerous but thrilling endeavor, and with every mission she extends the depths of her formidable talents."

This model replaces the existing piece and looks like it's drawn from the world of anime and manga in its design. I particularly like the style of weaponry that the Retribution get to tinker with.

We move onto the fires of Menoth as we take a look at High Exemplar Kreoss.

High Exemplar Kreoss (Variant)

"High Exemplar Kreoss has become a living legend. His concentration is unmatched as he directs interdictions of thousands of zealous soldiers and warjacks to key points in a battle. So strong is his faith that a mere touch from his blessed weapon can revoke the unwholesome sorcery granted by lesser gods to their wayward followers."

If you were able to pick up the old Warmachine Tow Player Set this is the model that would have been within that kit. Now he is available separately.

Last but not least we turn to Cygnar and show off a version of Captain Victoria Haley.

Captain Victoria Haley (New)

"A strong-willed woman capable of both grim resolve and singular heroism, Victoria Haley has risen from meager origins to become one of the greatest assets of the Cygnaran Army. A daughter to murdered parents, she has sworn vengeance against the Cryxians who killed her family.

Where the armies of the Nightmare Empire assemble she is often found throwing everything she can muster toward the undead hordes."

Once again this model replaces the existing piece and looks very cool. With her hand outstretched ready to cast some magical spell on her foe she is a master of spellcrafting as well as martial might.

Are you a fan of these character models?

"This model [Kaelyssa] replaces the existing piece and looks like it's drawn from the world of anime and manga in its design..."

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