Plastic Khador & Convergence Warjacks Coming This July

July 16, 2016 by brennon

Coming out at the end of July on the 31st we have some plastic versions of some Warjacks for both Khador and Convergence Of Cyriss from Privateer Press for Warmachine. We'll kick things off with the big bad red brutes from Khador with the Mad Dog and Rager...

Mad Dog

"Soon after the first Berserkers proved their worth in battle, hacking into infantry with their twin axes, the Khadoran High Kommand borrowed its chassis to develop other equally brutal machines. With the Mad Dog trampling forward to crush enemies with bloodthirsty glee and the shield-bearing Rager standing firm as an imposing eight-ton bodyguard, these warjacks are far from obsolete on the modern battlefield."


Of the two of these I would have to say that the Rager is my favourite. While he has a bit of a stubby little sword I think that getting this chap in plastic is a good step in the right direction. The big 'punching daggers' of the Mad Dog are quite fun too though.

Convergence Online

As well as Khador we also mentioned some Convergence creations. Here we have the Prime Conflux and the Prime Axiom.

Prime Conflux

"The colossals of the Convergence of Cyriss inspire awe and fear among the armies of the Iron Kingdoms. To confront these machines is to behold the inevitability of the Great Work and the terrifying power made possible by the guiding hand of Cyriss.

The weapons of the Prime Axiom are designed to rip through screening troops, dismantle warjacks, and send servitors deep into the heart of battle. The Prime Conflux is a true wonder of design, able to convert latent atmospheric energies into electricity before unleashing them in a torrent of destruction."

Prime Axiom

Both of these again are rather awesome but I think that I'd have to aim for the Axiom in this case. He looks decidedly more dominating than the other one and those angry pincers would be good for blasting people away and snipping people in half.

The Axiom itself represents the same model from previous cards but is a new sculpt and comes in plastic of course rather than metal.

What do you think of these little treats for Warmachine?

"The big 'punching daggers' of the Mad Dog are quite fun too though..."

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