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July 16, 2011 by beerogre

Here are the latest previews from Privateer Press... Master Ascetic Naaresh and the (plastic) Redeemer.

First up the Master Ascetic...

Here's the blurb from PP:

A warrior-philosopher who seeks enlightenment through his own extreme suffering, Master Ascetic Naaresh has unlocked the powers of pain and forged them into a unique and devastating fighting style. Eager to challenge the limits of his philosophy against new foes, Naaresh has left his isolation to seek battle in the west. Before each engagement he submits to the ministrations of his paingivers so that he may draw strength and skill from the agony.

I would imagine this guy will be the Warlock equivalent of the Nihilators, but I see he has two weapons and a penchant for pain... well he's a Skorne so that's nothing new... I would imagine he's going to draw Fury from either killing stuff (Cull Soul) or perhaps when he gets injured. It's also a pretty good bet that he'll be another cool martial character with a high DEF.

Next the Redeemer...

Here's what PP says about this light warjack:

Armed with devastating long-range rockets, the Redeemer was designed to deliver judgment from afar. The warjack’s deadly projectiles are launched into enemy ranks to explode in a cascade of deadly debris that leaves enemy infantry blasted, burned, and praying for the release of death.

"Devastating long-range rockets" is perhaps a little overstated, but definately, before the Sunburst Crew became good (i.e. in MK2) the Redeemer was THE choice for the Protectorate player who wanted some ranged artillery.

In MK2, the Sunburst Crew is definitely the better choice, due to being more accurate, but the Redeemer still has it's place. A big unit of Deliverers and a Redeemer can lay down a huge area of AoE fire and with a few buffs couretesy of the Big Man himself... that's Menoth by the way... you can really cut the centre out of infantry based armies for very few points.

Now all the Protectorate needs is a Deliverer Warcaster for some super-flaming-rocket-action!

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