Priests & Arcanites Support Scyrah With Warmachine Releases

May 19, 2017 by brennon

Privateer Press has added two more kits to their website for fans of Retribution of Scyrah. Building on the Warmachine world we have the Priest Of Nyssor to begin with...

Priest of Nyssor

"Through years of spiritual introspection and study, the dedicated priests of Nyssor learn to bend the elements of winter to their will. Reassured that their god Nyssor is safe and well defended, the priests have hastened to Ios to stand against those who would threaten the frozen god.

No strangers to combat, these priests now take to the fight, drawing upon their mastery over winter so that they may aid their allies in the Retribution."

Posed in the style of a samurai he looks like a man who has his eyes seton the task at hand. Whilst I do like the sculpt, it's mainly the sword and the facial features that hit me as interesting. The next group, the House Shyeel Arcanists, are much more interesting!

House Shyeel Arcanists

"House Shyeel is best known for its feats of ingenuity in the engineering and production of myrmidons. Unlike other arcane mechanics in the service of the Retribution, Shyeel arcanists are equipped to wade into battle to return impaired myrmidons to the fight.

These arcanists train to master both the arcane arts and the practical skills necessary to repair the damaged mechanisms of a myrmidon under fire, manipulating kinetic force for both offence and defence."

Now, these are some awesome looking models, really embracing the Elf-side of Retribution. I love the armour designs and their weapons which look like a mix of both Sci-Fi and Fantasy in style.

Both of these sets are going to be available throughout June.

Will you be picking them up?

"I love the armour designs and their weapons which look like a mix of both Sci-Fi and Fantasy in style..."

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