Privateer Press Corrupts A Warcaster For The Benefit Of The Cryx

January 12, 2016 by stvitusdancern

The eternal struggle of good over evil has once again come to the Iron Kingdoms and it would appear that at the moment evil has won the latest battle. Privateer Press has released information on an upcoming release set for April of this year for Warmachine.

Being a former Cygnar Warcaster, he has turned to the dark side and now aligns with the Cryx that he so valiantly used to fight against and is now known as Sturgis the Corrupted.

Having pledged his immortal soul in service to the Dragonfather, Dalin Sturgis is as corrupt as he was once honourable. This former Cygnaran warcaster now bends his formidable fighting prowess against those he used to call brother and friend. Though he maintains the same reflexes and skills he held in life, Sturgis the Corrupted no longer seeks to use his power to protect those around him, instead turning his arcane strength to the destruction of his enemies.

As well as this corrupted version of Sturgis you can also get his Cygnarian version looking stalwart and forthright in his command of the battlefield. See what you think of him in blue as Commander Dalin Sturgis...

Commander Dalin Sturgis

I think that I prefer the Cryx version of him and I think that his corrupt fall gave him a better wardrobe. It would be awesome for someone to potentially paint up the Cryx version as if he is trying to fight back against his new masters though and include that version of his sculpt in a Cygnar list.

As well as a focus on Sturgis there are two more additions to the Warmachine line-up. First up we have the Soulless Voidtracer for Retribution who looks like she/he has dropped out of an anime.

Soulless Voidtracer

"Though the majority of soulless taken in by the Retribution live out brief lives as anti-magic escorts for the group’s soldiers, a select few receive specialized training to become voidtracers. They are skilled but expendable mage hunters, trained to sacrifice themselves for the success of the mission.

Without fear of death, they fight ably alongside other Retribution forces to clear the way to their target with swift, reflexive swordplay. Like other soulless, voidtracers absorb arcane energies employed by the mages they hunt, but they can also reflect it back to the spellcaster in a focused impulse, creating a deadly feedback surge."

In addition to that rather awesome model there's also Grand Scrutator Severius who is going to be bringing the heat to the battlefield in the name of the Protectorate of Menoth.

Grand Scrutator Severius

"Severius lives to battle the enemies of his faith. He brings a commanding presence and undeniable genius to the battlefield, and his warjacks come alive with the same fervor as his converts. While age may have withered the warcaster and stolen his former strength, what he lacks in bodily prowess he makes up for with divine power. When he speaks the Litany of Menoth in battle, he can instantly silence the blasphemous sorceries of his enemies."

This is a replacement model for a previous version of Severius. He certainly looks dominating in that pose and I don't imagine you'd get along too well if you ignored his sermons on the battlefield.

It always amazes me how some of the mightiest heroes can fall so hard. If you are a Warmachine player you might want to be on the lookout for this in April.

Who is your favorite Warcaster?

"Being a former Cygnar Warcaster, he has turned to the dark side and now aligns with the Cryx..."

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