Privateer Press Unveil Their Supreme Guardian Skorne Battle Engine

August 21, 2018 by brennon

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Privateer Press has dropped a few upcoming releases onto their store for Warmachine but we start with Hordes in this particular piece as they unleash the Supreme Guardian, a massive Skorne Battle Engine!

Supreme Guardian Skorne Battle Engine - Hordes

This new model is available from the Black Anchor line and if you pre-order the model right now you could get your hands on a Black Anchor patch as well. But, we don't care about that, do we? Here's the background!

"Towering above the battlefield, Supreme Guardians were created to guard powerful and important cities in eastern Immoren, animated by the souls of the greatest Tyrants in skorne history. These vigilant stone constructs have stood as a testament to the wealth and might of those few skorne houses that could afford their construction and upkeep. Like all ancestral guardians, a Supreme Guardian is able to gather the souls of worthy skorne slain in battle as sacred companions, using their energies to empower its own devastating assault."

This is a truly awesome looking machine of war and as well as having that mighty Obsidian Blade to cut through its foes it also houses the Fire Of Rage on its back for incinerating foes at range.

Crucible Guard

The Crucible Guard are also getting some additional reinforcements this week as these two options get released on August 24th. Leading the way is Prospero.

Prospero - Warmachine

Once a mighty Warcaster, Prospero's body was broken by the Khadorans. Now his brain inhabits this metal shell once more allowing him to interact with the world around him. His ability to control the power he once possessed has dwindled and he is a shadow of his former self, and yet still incredibly dangerous!

He might well be supported by the Crucible Guard Storm Troopers.

Crucible Guard Storm Troopers - Warmachine

"Storm trooper squadrons provide the Crucible Guard with a hard counterpunch. Equipped with pneumatic concussion cannons, storm troopers can engage concentrations of light infantry. Their ammunition is highly explosive, combining a number of catalytic agents to magnify the blasting power of the charge to produce deadly concussion waves on impact. The storm troopers are ideal for clearing fortified positions like bunkers and trenches, where the shockwave of their munitions is amplified by close quarters and enemies are likely to be tightly packed."

Not a bad looking set of models. I like the aquatic theme going on across their armour and you could almost see them fighting alongside someone like Captain Nemo with that aesthetic. I must admit that I know little of the Crucible Guard but they seem like an interesting new addition to the world as the narrative continues to grow and develop.

Fires Of The Protectorate

Lastly, we have a new command attachment for the Protectorate Of Menoth. Here is their Exemplar Cinerator Officer.

Exemplar Cinerator Officer - Warmachine

I've always liked the over-the-top zealous paladin look that the Protectorate have had when it comes to their models and this particular fellow is no different. Heavy armour, a massive shield, a bloody great big blade which can slice through two or three people at a time, and spouting scripture as he (or indeed she) charges forth...sounds about right for this faction!

What do you make of these latest additions to Warmachine & Hordes?

" also houses the Fire Of Rage on its back for incinerating foes at range"

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