Privateer Preview New Warmachine Warriors For Cygnar & Khador

October 27, 2022 by brennon

Privateer Press has been previewing some more of the new units that are going to be popping up for Khador and Cygnar in Warmachine MKIV. The Winter Korps and Storm Legion are getting some neat-looking units starting with Khador's Man-O-War Suppressors.

Man-O-War Suppressors - Warmachine

Man-O-War Suppressors // Warmachine

Hello Iron Man. The Khadoran Mechaniks Assembly has been working hard on a way to make their soldiers stronger and safer in equal measure. That's where the Suppressors come in. A weapon platform manned by a single soldier and able to unleash a devastating amount of firepower from its Hailstorm Cannons. Combine these with some of the most fearsome Khadorian Warjacks and you've got a seriously deadly front line.

They are able to make melee and ranged attacks in the same activation and come with Bulldoze, Steady and Sturdy special attacks plus the Volume Fire special rule. Who would have thought it considering their bulk and the size of those guns?!

I really like these. They are a little more on the Sci-Fi side of things for me but I think all of the pistons and smoke stacks help to keep it grounded in that Fantasy/Steampunk aesthetic that Warmachine has. I could imagine them being painted with lots of pilot markings showing their kills and battles fought over the years.

Cygnar's Storm Legion

As well as the Suppressors, we also recently got a look at the Stormguard Legionaries & Standard Bearer.

Stormguard Legionnaires And Standard - Privateer Press

Stormguard Legionnaires And Standard // Privateer Press

The Stormguard Legionnaires have one simple directive. Hunt Warjacks. Armed with their Voltaic Halberds, they are able to cut a Warjack down to size without breaking so much as a sweat. Their weapons come with the Brutal Charge ability and with some impressive damage statistics and the 'Jack Hunter special rule, they are going to be a challenge for even the biggest Khadorian Warjack.

You could always bolster such a unit with the Legionnaire Standard Bearer. The Voltaic Sword that the Standard Bearer uses has the Electo Leap special rule for doing some extra damage with those electrical weapons and being a banner bearer, they will be someone to flock around when the going gets tough.

I'm not sure I'm overly sold on Cygnar (never have been really) but the fact that they have Warjack Hunters is pretty darn awesome. I could maybe be persuaded.

What do you make of these Warmachine previews for Cygnar and Khador?

"The Stormguard Legionnaires have one simple directive. Hunt Warjacks..."

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