Privateer’s Captain Eira Mackay & Vanguard Hit This Week For Warmachine

November 15, 2018 by brennon

If you thought that yesterday's news about Marshal General Baldwin Gearhart & Mr Clogg was cool then wait until you see Captain Eira Mackay and her bloomin' massive tank that she's rolling onto the battlefield with for Privateer Press' Warmachine.

Captain Eira Mackay - Privateer Press

"Seeing a need for those with her warcaster abilities, Eira Mackay joined the Crucible Guard as soon as she was able, eager to assist in the war effort against those she saw as cruel oppressors. Life on the front lines was too dangerous for her father to bear, so he turned his talents into creating a bulwark to shield his daughter from harm: the Railless Interceptor, a unique weapons platform akin to the war wagons and gun carriages of the past, cross-bred with a locomotive and blended with alchemical and technical innovations.

Traditional Crucible Guard commanders view the weapon as a novelty, but Captain Mackay works to prove their assumptions wrong, and she seems born for the task."

This is a rather insane creation but certainly falls into the idea of whimsy we were talking about when it comes to what's cool with the newer releases for Warmachine. A mix of locomotive and tank I'm sure that somewhere both Lloyd and John are both getting a little bit excited.

Prized Warjack

As well as this new miniature for Captain Eira Mackay we also have this Vanguard Light Warjack.

Vanguard - Privateer Press

"Originally designed and crafted from the finest materials and the skilled hands of the Golden Crucible, only a small number of Vanguards were ever produced. Able to keep pace with the fleetest of warcasters, and to set their cannon-laden shield and long hafted poleaxe against their foes, the Vanguard is a highly prized masterpiece on the battlefield."

I like that there are some archaic Warjacks mixed into the armies of certain generals, preferring these old school designs for their loyalty and spirit compared to some of the more hulking Warjacks out there.

You could imagine this kind of Warjack being one that you'd have a character use in the Iron Kingdoms RPG. You'd then have folks chasing your Warcaster from town to town trying to get their hands on it!

What do you think of the new releases?

"You could imagine this kind of Warjack being one that you'd have a character use in the Iron Kingdoms RPG..."

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