Menoth & Cygnar Leaders Coming To Warmachine In October

September 21, 2017 by brennon

Privateer Press has been showing off some more of their models coming October 11th. Here we have two for Warmachine and both the Protectorate Of Menoth and Cygnar.

Exemplar Warder Elias Gade

Leading the way we have this chap, Exemplar Warder Elias Gade. I always like how Menoth look like evil Paladins at almost every turn...

"A decorated war hero of the Exemplar errants, Warder Elias Gade leads his team of pious knights on crucial missions into enemy territory.

Operating far from the Protectorate of Menoth, Gade relies on a lifetime of battlefield experience and his unshakable faith to secure a victory. The whistling of his blessed crossbow bolts have presaged the deaths of countless unbelievers, and by his hand, many more will fall."

I like the style of the model even though the crossbows look a little too big for my liking. They seem like standard size crossbows and maybe if they'd been smaller, in the realm of a hand-crossbow, they'd have been more fitting for his more agile look as well.

Cygnar Trenchers

Comparatively, we also have the bulky looking Trencher Warcaster Lieutenant.

Trencher Warcaster Lieutenant

Armed and armoured for a big fight in the trenches this is an awesome looking Trencher. I like that they've got the big and bulky thing continuing here with these models and they match up against the aesthetic of their Warjacks too.

"No journeyman’s life is without peril, but some brave men and women opt to take a nobler and more dangerous path. Enlisting in the trencher corps upon completion of basic warcaster training, these junior warcasters specialize in wielding magic to aid their fellow soldiers.

Trencher warcaster lieutenants bunker down with the grunts and help secure crucial ground on the field of battle. With the aid of the warjacks they command, these soldiers can often turn the tide of battle."

I think it's pretty cool to have these magic-users embedded with your troops, leading them into battle. You could imagine some pretty heroic and noble stories coming out about these fellows.

What do you think?

"You could imagine some pretty heroic and noble stories coming out about these fellows..."

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