Runewood, The New Solo For Cygnar

May 17, 2011 by dracs

Privateer Press have put up pictures of the latest solo to grace the forces of Cygnar. Say hello to Archduke Runewood!

Here's what Privateer Press are saying about this noble defender of Cygnar:

"Among Cygnar’s greatest living battlefield generals, Archduke Alain Runewood has given up the comfort and safety of his estates in aid of his country and his king. Wherever his command fights, Runewood leads from the heart of battle. His tactical acumen is finely honed, and his inspiring presence pushes his sword knights to fight fearlessly in the face of even the most dangerous foe."

What's cooler than a noble Knight? One with an awesome looking sword. Personally I really like the look of this model and I think it more than lives up to my expectations of Privateer Press. However, the massive shoulder pads kind of spoil the look in my opinion. Call me picky, but I don't like it when a model's shoulder pads are level with their eyes.

So all you Cygnar players out there, would you be tempted to start fielding this guy? Please let us know all your opinions of this model below.

BoW Sam

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