New Satyxis & Blighted Trollbloods On The Way For Warmachine & Hordes

December 13, 2017 by brennon

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Thanks to Party Foul over on Facebook we got a look at some sneaky new renders of what's around the corner for Privateer Press' Warmachine & Hordes. We lead with the new Satyxis models that will make a lot of people very happy.

Satyxis Blood Priestess

At the head of their new releases, we have this new version of the Satyxis Blood Priestess who looks awesome. I like the vibe and move towards this almost 'World of Warcraft' look on the models and it's one of the things I think that Privateer Press has always got right with their models. Where exaggeration and an over-the-top look has been added, it has looked right.

I reckon you could get some cool glow effects on the go if you wanted to make those runes on her sword illuminate her face and the top half of the model very softly.

Decidedly not 'soft' in any sense of the word we also have the new look unit for the Satyxis Raiders with their whirling whips and lithe grace. They do look pretty awesome.

Satyxis Raiders Unit

It can't quite tell by the picture but it does look like we might actually get more options of poses for this unit which would be useful to see in these units going forward.

Last but not least I must admit that I don't know who this character might be, but I do know it's a Blighted Trollblood...

Blighted Trollblood

...and she does look rather awesome. It's interesting seeing this evil take on the Trollbloods and giving them, even more, menace and prowess on the battlefield (as if they didn't already have that in spades!).

Do you like the look of these new previews?

"Where exaggeration and an over-the-top look has been added, it has looked right..."

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