Scyrah’s Engine of Destruction

February 25, 2011 by beerogre

So the picture is up of the Arcantrik Force Generator, the massive war engine being produced for the Retribution of Scyrah.

We know those Elves like thier big guns, but this is surely a bit OTT... or is it?

The chances are, this brute is going to dish out a massive manga-laser, that'll shove opponents all over the battlefield. If the opposing battle engines are in any way slow, this monstrous magical artillery will doubtless be able to keep them firmly stuck at the opposite end of the map... or at least... that's my prediction.

Just on massive monsters for the Retribution. you may not have seen this yet.

The Destor Thane is an amazing cavalry solo, with a fearsome combination of melee and ranged attacks. His lance is fitted with what amounts toan assault rifle, while the lance itself is a savage, big, pointy, metal stick that can eviscerate a target with ease.

If you're a Retribution player and you want a hard-hitting, versatile solo... this is your guy.

BoW Andy

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