Weekender: Shattered Void Prize, Awesome Infinity Vehicles & New 4Ground Buildings in the Studio

July 9, 2016 by lloyd

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Welcome to The Weekender where we've got some great stuff lined up for you. Lloyd is back and he's raring to go and find out what's happening in the world of wargaming.

Weekender: Shattered Void Prize, Awesome Infinity Vehicles & New 4Ground Buildings in the Studio

Catch Infinity Week & The Team Yankee: Leopard Launch Blog

First up we'd love to highlight two big things. Firstly we ran Infinity: Operation Red Veil Week which was brilliant and this Saturday and Sunday will feature the Team Yankee: Leopard Launch Blog from Battlefront.

There's some fantastic stuff to watch so get stuck in.

Competition Winners

Next up we're going to be getting stuck into the Competition Winners where we find out who won the Rory's Story Cube competition with their stories...

xaussienannh: In the land of amoeba I had been sent to deal with the evil crab in the ghastly cave of doom, only to find the rain had shorted out my laser pistol (its energy meter, zeroed, sigh), It was a bitter pill to swallow. My plans in ruins, I decided the best action was to rethink my endeavours over a nice boiled egg for afternoon tea need to break a door down sonny. love her)

fireblarney:  His tablet shaped ship out of fuel and finding himself stranded on a rocky coastline the microscopic alien organism searched desperately for a host body to protect himself from the toxic atmosphere. As luck would have it he found protection in the hard shelled body of a nearby crab. As the rain came pouring down from the sky he steered his newly acquired and mutating body into a nearby cave, spinning himself a chitinous egg to complete the process. Emerging he began the construction of a simple beam pistol while chuckling to himself, “Let the humans’ come with their axes, I’ll be ready for them”

badula: Once upon a time a Protoplasmic traveller crashed in Antarctica he had to build an igloo to find shelter from the harsh environment then he tried to boil an egg with his microwave gun but the temperature was too low luckily he had an emergency morphing pill so he morphed into an antarctic king Crab and lived happily ever after

...and the grand winner of The Army Painter competition to name the new paint.

Camry - Voidshield Blue

Well done!

Shattered Void Competition

Next up we have a great competition for you this week where you can win a Flight Lieutenant Pledge from the Shattered Void game now on Kickstarter.

Comment on BoW, FacebookYoutube to be in with a chance!

You get two squadrons of your choice as well as a Rules PDF, 165 Damage Card Deck, Plastic Move Template, Plastic Tokens, 10 Plastic Stat Trackers.

The game is fantastic and you should go and check it out. It's a very dynamic and cinematic dogfighting game with some great ships (which you can see the review for HERE!)


What's been in the news?

What was your favourite bit of news?

4Ground Gothic Buildings Reviewed

Keeping with 4Ground we have a look at some of their Gothic Buildings for 28mm games and plenty of 32mm and 35mm ones too. We loved checking these out and have some great ideas for them.

Join us as we put them under the camera and take a closer look at them.

What Games Are We Interested In?

We also delve into what games we're interested in right now and discuss what we're going to be playing over the next couple of weeks and months.

What is on your radar at this moment?


What to pledge for this week?

  • Dungeon Time - A quick and easy card game worth picking up for your collection!

Enjoy your weekend!

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"What is on your radar at this moment?"

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