Skull Island Expeditions Prepare to Tell the Warcaster Chronicles

April 21, 2013 by dracs

Skull Island Expeditions, publishers of the series of literature based in Privateer Press' Iron Kingdoms have announced that a new series will be kicking off in May. It  is time to begin the Warcaster Chronicles.

The Way of Caine

This novella will tell the story of one of Cygnar's mighty warcasters, the unpredictable Allister Caine.

Captain Allister Caine

"Born into poverty, Allister Caine did what he must to survive, and the choices he made have followed him like a vengeful specter throughout his life. Now, just months after the Lion’s Coup and his full commission as a warcaster, he has been secretly assigned by Scout General Rebald to investigate plots against King Leto in lands just north of the Bloodsmeath Marsh. The game changes, however, when mercenaries camped inside Cygnar’s borders threaten hostility against the country’s divided nobility. In a test of grit and arcane power, Caine alone must make choices that will affect all the nations of the Iron Kingdoms." - Skull Island Expeditions

The character sounds very interesting, so I look forward to what new revelations this delve into his past, written by Miles Holmes, could produce.

Anyone fancy exploring what makes a warcaster tick?

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