Get Tinkering On These Upcoming Warmachine Releases

May 11, 2013 by dracs

The announcement of High Command is not the only thing for fans of Warmachine to get excited as a bunch of upcoming miniature releases have also been unveiled, including some of the most characterful minis Privateer Press have done to date.

Goblin Tinker

Axis the Harmonic Enforcer

Diffuser Light Vector

I think that these are probably some of Privateer Press' best models. I particularly love the Goblin Tinker who is just full of character. With his bent top hat and wheel barrow full of scrap I would be tempted to buy this guy just as a painting project.

The Convergence warcaster Axis is particularly cool too, with a far more humanoid appearance which makes him stand out from the many constructs of his faction. The detail on his armour is excellent and he seems to embody the blend of technology and magic which Warmachine is known for.

Don't worry Hordes fans, you haven't been left out as Privateer Press are also releasing these Trollkin Warders.

Trollkin Warders

These guys are big, bulky and sure to deal out the damage. However, their bulkiness seems to get in the way of their poses a bit, making them look a little awkward in my opinion.

Do any of these stand out to you?

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