More Trenchers & Towering Protectorate Colossals For Warmachine

September 29, 2017 by brennon

Privateer Press has some additional reinforcements on the way for the forces of Cygnar and the Protectorate with their upcoming releases arriving throughout November in Warmachine. We'll begin with the Trenchers...

Trencher Combat Engineers

First up we have the Trencher Combat Engineers unit here which comes with all manner of gizmos and gadgets for keeping your soldiers and their Warjacks going on the tabletop. Maybe they were the ones responsible for setting up the Trencher Blockhouse?

Trencher Blockhouse

Built into the trenches that Cygnar build when they are setting up their battle lines this looks like a dangerous piece of kit to have to face you across no-mans land. I like that it also comes with some of the trench terrain pieces for you to lay down on the tabletop too although it would have been cool if they were deeper of course.

Last but not least for Cygnar we also have the Trencher Express Team.

Trencher Express Team

"The thundering rifle of a Trencher Express team means death to even well-protected foes of Cygnar. Each team consists of a human spotter working alongside a burly trollkin soldier wielding the largest hunting rifle ever manufactured, the Raevhan Express.

Originally designed to bring down the towering Raevhan buffalo, these powerful weapons punch through heavy armor with ease."

I like the idea of the humans having to turn to the trollkin for someone with a bit more muscle to carry their big guns. I can imagine it puts holes in pretty much everything it sets its sights on.

Walking Judgement

As well as the forces of Cygnar getting some goodies the Protectorate Of Menoth also got two variants of their Colossal for you to drop into battle with the Revelator...


...and the Judicator which looks equally as dangerous on the tabletop, and full of plenty of fire and brimstone for your opponents to deal with.


Whether the judgement of Menoth comes at the hands of fire and fury, a big pair of fists, or the sapping of your magical will - they will have decimated you on the battlefield.

Will you be snapping these miniatures up over the coming months?

"I like the idea of the humans having to turn to the trollkin for someone with a bit more muscle to carry their big guns..."

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