Warmachine Gets Colossal!

February 3, 2012 by dracs

The Colossals are coming! Privateer Press have just put up a vid previewing these massive, and very welcome, upcoming additions to Warmachine.

Colossals Book Preview

Privateer Press - Warmachine: Colossals

Privateer Press - Warmachine: Colossals

The Colossals have been appearing here and there in the Warmachine background for a while now and it is great to see them stomping there way onto the battlefield.

We've already had to peel Justin away from the pic of the Khador Conquest.

Khador Colossal

Privateer Press - Warmachine: Colossals

These guys are twice the height of a normal heavy Warjack and come with enough fire power to cause some serious slaughter.

Not only that, but these guys have two damage grids! Check out this stat card for the Mercenaries' Galleon.

Mercenaries’ Galleon Stat Card

So far we have only seen the Colossals which will be joining Khador and Cygnar, but from the glimpses of artwork the video gives us I cannot wait to see how some of these turn out.

Privateer Press - Warmachine: Colossals

Just take a look at the Cryx's Kraken!

Cryx Colossal

These have got us all really excited here at Beasts of War and we cannot wait to get our hands on the book around July time.

Let the massive mechanical mayhem commence!

What are you guys hoping to see in this latest development? And does this image mean they will be doing the same for Hordes too?

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