Warmachine Colossals Are Taking Over this Weekend!

June 1, 2012 by brennon

Warmachine Colossals Are Taking Over this Weekend

This weekend Beasts of War is going Warmachine Colossal crazy with some awesome content for you to enjoy! You may have already seen our Unboxing of the Cygnar Stormwall (and if you haven't, go check it out!) but there's more to come.

We opened a Mega-Topic at the start of the week where you could drop questions to us about the Warmachine Colossal book and starting today we can begin to reveal some information to you all.


6pm GMT (BST) Our very own Warmachine Tzar Dais will be on hand to talk with you on the Beasts of War Chat Room about the book and what he thinks of the new rules.

Dais also takes a look at just What Are Colossals? in an article revealing their history and current use on the battlefield.

Our 'First Look' at the Colossals Book. Me and Justin take a quick look through some of the rules for Warcasters, factions and the Colossals themselves.


Warren and Justin will sit down for a Colossals FAQ where your questions from the Mega-Topic will get answered!

Next Week:

Colossal Army Lists! We have been working away behind the scenes to make some Colossal Army Lists for you to mull over and get a feel for the game. Check out what we think might work in the new expansion.

So make sure you stick with Beasts of War for our weekend of Colossals!

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