Warmachine Engulfed By Ghosts & Cleansing Flames

August 6, 2014 by brennon

Warmachine from Privateer Press is getting two sets of miniatures, Blackbane's Ghost Raiders and the Flameguard Cleansers! There's plenty of strange ethereal beings and flame throwing to do!

Blackbane's Ghost Raiders

Flameguard Cleansers

As a hater of all things Menoth (damn their songs of +2/+2!) I certainly don't want people bringing those Flameguard Cleansers to the battlefield as they're no doubt a painfully good option on the tabletop. The Ghost Raiders are a much better looking set of miniatures by comparison and I love that despite the fact there are duplicates all over the place they could easily be painted up to look different.

Not a bad pair of options for both Cryx and Menoth!

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