Warmachine and Hordes All in One Army Sets Start Your New Army

January 7, 2015 by dracs

What with being named Fantasy game of 2014, Warmachine and Hordes are off to a promising start, which is only getting built upon as players are presented with the perfect way to start their new army. Privateer Press unveil the All in One Army Boxes for Khador and Skorne!

Khador All in One Army Box

These boxed sets, which will be getting released in February, bring you everything you need to get a full army ready for the tabletop, ranging from rank and file troops and mighty warjacks, to a heroic warcaster ready to lead them.

Skorne All in One Army Box

The Protectorate of Menoth and Legion of Everblight will be getting their own All in One Army Boxes in March, providing even more options for both new comers and existing players.

Personally, I think these could be what I need to get into these games. Now I just have to figure out whether Cryx, Cygnar or Trollbloods would be the faction to go for.

Do these box sets look like a promising addition to your collections? Which faction are you holding out for?

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