Warmachine’s Convergence Call On The Power Of Angels

May 4, 2020 by brennon

A couple of new sets have been revealed by Privateer Press for the world of Warmachine. This time they are looking at expanding on the options for the Convergence starting off with Archnumen Aurora.

Archnumen Aurora - Warmachine

Here is a bit of the background for this particular character and their role within the Convergence army...

"Second only to the Iron Mother in her command of the Convergence of Cyriss, Aurora has been elevated to the rank of archnumen, and with that rise, her battle armor has been reformed to match the archnumen’s increasingly formidable nature. Aurora is joined by her most trusted and beloved lieutenant, Prefect Hypatia, to lead a host of negation angels into battle at the archnumen’s side."

Whilst she can fight for the Convergence, Aurora also works with the Partisan Convergence and therefore can also be taken as one of the leaders in a Mercenaries force as well. Whilst her warriors are also Convergence miniatures, there will be a new themed list in the future which allows you to bring them into a Mercenary force in greater numbers.

That support comes from the Negation Angels!

Negation Angels - Warmachine

Here is a bit more fluff about this particular set and the Angels...

"Meticulously designed and engineered to adhere to Aurora’s divinely inspired vision, the negation angels comprise the archnumen’s personal host. Peerless in their perfection, each angel is inhabited by a fearless and noble soul handpicked by Aurora herself."

It is rather awesome that Aurora can draw on these warriors which have been influenced by her hand. The whole idea of avenging angels always piques my interest and then when you combine it with a Steampunk/Sci-Fi aesthetic, it gets cranked up to eleven.

The collection as a whole seems like a neat boon for those playing Warmachine as the Convergence or Mercenaries.

What do you think?

"The collection as a whole seems like a neat boon for those playing Warmachine as the Convergence or Mercenaries..."

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