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December 20, 2010 by beerogre

Scavenger Bonejack

Just when we thought the Necrotechs of Cryx had run out of insidious ideas, they produce something like this... the Scavanger!

If you thought that the standard bonejacks were nasty... now they fly!

This will be the first flying warjack that Privateer Press has announced and it is guaranteed to change the dynamic of the Nightmare Empire. Judging by the sculpt, the Scavenger doesn't seem to have an Arc Node and the flavour text seems to imply this monstrosity has a bite attack of some kind, probably akin to the Deathripper... perhaps without the Sustained Attack rule... knock down or something probably.

However, I'll not set my expectations too high. I have a feeling that the Scavanger will be little more than a "flying bite", but I'm hoping to be proved wrong.

That's not to say I'll be disappointed. As on the same page, Privateer Press have announced the release of a new Solo for the Mercenaries (my faction)... Ragman...

From his flavour text, he'll be a spell casting Solo model, with some abilities that allow him to animate those he destroys as horrors of the undead. His description also notes that he is (or used to be) a Llaelese noble, which indicates he may well be a new addition to the Highborn Covenant tier list... however, he's also a Thamarite... so don't be expecting him to back up those Precursor Knights. They don't really get on very well.

Privateer Press is really cranking up the rate of production, in anticipation of their new book release next year.

So why not take a look at their site and have a browse through their future releases.

If there's anything you see that you like... tell us about it!

BoW Andy

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