Wind Up The New Dynamo For Warmachine’s Cygnar!

September 27, 2014 by brennon

Privateer Press have just one upcoming release for you this week and it's focused on the powerful Cygnar faction for Warmachine. What do you make of Nemo's Dynamo?


Some more information on this new heavy warjack...

"Dynamo is the most successful of Sebastian Nemo’s many prototype warjacks, the one that has survived extensive use in the field. Powered by its galvanic generator, Dynamo is outfitted to render electrical destruction via its devastating storm cannon. This weapon fires deadly bolts of lightning that can strike clusters of advancing soldiers, or concentrated to melt heavy armor to slag. Thanks to Dynamo’s ability to harness and channel its own kinetic energy, each attack it unleashes is more deadly than the last."

...and it's quite the cool looking warjack too. I think if I hadn't have gone for Khador I might have plumped for the forces of Cygnar due to their rather cool aesthetic. I'm a big fan of their green and brown scheme as well compared to the bright blue but that might just be me afraid to paint bold colours!

Do you think Dynamo will appear in your new list?

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