YouTuber Pydracor Brings Their Cygnar Stormwall to Life!

March 20, 2013 by dracs

This afternoon Justin pointed me in the direction of this vid which was just so awesome I had to share it with you guys. The R.E.C.O. (Ridiculous Electrical Components Overkill) Stormwall!

Electrical Stormwall

This Stormwall is an excellently painted miniature in its own right, but youtuber Pydracor has taken it one step further. He's added a bunch of electrical components to bring the Stormwall to life!

Cunningly hidden in the Stormwall's decorative base is a control panel.

Electrical Stormwall Controls

By flipping a few switches, the Stormwall's eyes start to glow, it's mini guns whir to life, spent cartridges spray everywhere and steam pours out of it exhausts.

Electrical Stormwall Smoke

Is this not one of the coolest minis you have ever seen?

This is not the first Cygnar model Pydracor has added a bunch of electrical doodads to, his previous video showing off a cool electrified Stormstrider.

Electrical Stormstrider

Now unfortunately for us poor, none-multilingual speakers of English the video is in German, but just remember to switch on the subtitles.

The work on this miniature is astounding and you can see the creative process behind it over on Pydracor's blog.

remember, if you ever find anything like this on the internet, don't be afraid to point it out to us.

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