WarMill Expand their Superb Terrain Collection

July 11, 2012 by brennon

If you're looking for some superb and easy to put together terrain then have you checked out WarMill Gaming Accessories? Well let's look at a few of their upcoming pieces and it might start off a little bit of shiny terrain syndrome...

First up is something every Sci-Fi world needs, a Noodle Bar of course.

Noodle Bar (Front)

Noodle Bar (Interior)

Crafted from lasercut MDF and with a highly detailed interior this would be a perfect terrain piece to add some character and that 'lived in' feeling to a Sci-Fi board.

Next up is a selection of roadway pieces which have now been elevated to make them more compatible with other pieces from their range. Check out a whole section put together below...

Elevated Road System

Raised Road Section

And then to create some cover on those roadways allowing for intense running firefights we have a set of barriers!

Road BarriersOf course there is also a selection of more eldritch terrain that could be adorning your board. Check out these mysterious warp gates that could be used as objectives or for moving your forces around the battlefield. It could add some serious tactical depth to your games!

Warpgate #1

Warpgate #2

Warpgate #3

So once again a mass of great terrain pieces on the way from WarMill. I bet most of you are now looking into your wallets for a bit of spare cash to get your paws on at least one of these items.

Is lasercut MDF the way forwards for terrain?

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