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August 3, 2022 by brennon

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The theme for August and September from Warp Miniatures is going to be moving into the realm of mysticism and folklore. The Beasts Of The British Isles are front and centre over the next two months with 3D Printable 32mm monsters, ghouls and other strange creatures arriving on your home printer.

Beasts Of The British Isles - Warp Miniatures

The Beasts Of The British Isles // Warp Miniatures

The first of these sets contains an absolutely towering miniature alongside some fiends that dwell in the woods and lakes of Britain's shadowy corners. We start with the towering Giant that features in all sorts of folklore stories from Britain's history.

Giant - Warp Miniatures

Giant // Warp Miniatures

Maybe you want to use this miniature to represent the mighty Gogmagog or perhaps the Cornish Cormoran? There are lots of options in English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish mythology for you to choose from when painting up your own Giant.

The set also comes with two Barghests, the big shaggy black dogs of folklore that are harbingers of doom.

Barghest - Warp Miniatures

Barghest // Warp Miniatures

Whilst not strictly a Barghest, I am always reminded of Black Shuck when I see these. You could use them as a pack of creatures that your wary villagers have to try and scare off as they hound (hah) the local populace on the road.

Next up, we're heading to Scotland and wandering through the wetlands as we come across a Kelpie.

Kelpie - Warp Miniatures

Kelpie // Warp Miniatures

Drifting through the waters of many a loch, it is said that if you can snatch the bridle of a Kelpie you will gain good luck in the future! I don't think I would risk it as I would most likely just get dragged down into the depths!

You can also drift through the valleys of Wales with the rather strange Mari Lywd.

Mari Lywd - Warp Miniatures

Mari Lywd // Warp Miniatures

If this creature knocks on your door and challenges you to a song contest whilst trying to eat you out of your house and home, don't be alarmed! Well, You might want to call the local mystic to try and dispel it before it eats all of your dinners for the next week.

With this collection of offerings for August, I can't wait to see what comes next for this British Isles series when September rolls around.

What do you make of these new miniatures? What other folklore-based creatures would you like to see?

Let us know below!

"What other folklore-based creatures would you like to see?"

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